Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day was a good day. 

First off the weather was wonderful. It almost felt like spring was just around the corner. I was just wearing a light (very very light) jacket.
We headed up the canyon to this amazing place.
A must see. I wish they were made out of ice cream but hey ice is still pretty cool.

The weather was so warm that part of the castles where closed to enter. That did not stop Jeannie from entering and risking her life.

Then we went to a little diner in Heber City called Chicks that had the most amazing scones. Oh man I want one right now. 

Driving back through the canyon we decided to take a little walk on the lake. Well it was a warm day so it was scary to say that least. Once we saw how thin the ice really was we headed back to Provo. That did not stop so many other families from ice fishing or doing whatever.

Thank you day for a great adventure.

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