A Year In Photos...

Sure has been awhile... but I mean I've been busy ok!

See for yourself...


Film First-Timer

First time using a nice film camera.
I had a project that I needed to use it for.
The one I borrowed had a broken light meter so I tried my best to adjust.

Here are the test shots:

Masonic Temple

Main Street

Factory near my house

Around my house

My neighbor, The State Capitol

Downtown Salt Lake City

Temple Square

Salt Lake City Temple

Church Office Building

Thank you film cameras for being so much fun to play around with!


Someone Colored The Woods

Took a drive up Big Cottonwood canyon this past week
The most amazing drive I have ever been on
I couldn't help but have my mouth wide open at all the vibrant colors

This yellow makes my heart happy

This garage against the trees was stunning!

The clouds made everything so mysterious

Probably my favorite shot of the day

My little friend

Can I have this house?

The paths that I took that day

The first snow I saw this season


Beds Want Platforms Too

Maybe it's been awhile? Oops?

Well incase you wondered what happened to Caitlin I'll inform in just a bit:

∆ Graduated from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Studio Arts
∆ Moved to Salt Lake City
∆ Intern at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
∆ Started making stuff again
∆ Go me!

Should I paint/stain it?
I really do love the raw wood