4 Days

My sister gets married this Friday. So exciting.
Everyday we are making paper flowers (mini ones, small ones, medium ones, big ones, extra extra large ones (you get my point) but a whole lot of them), painting banners, making more crafts, and coming up with new ideas everyday which we shouldn't because we already have too much that we have going and we might not be able to finish.

It is going to be a really fun, and different wedding. Special performance by some fabulously entertaining people. 
Here's a hint: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z_fTvLGCuU (tehe its going to be amazing). We all can get together and see family and friends. It's going to be nice.

Paul and Brittany got in last from being overseas. I finally will get my chance to hang out with my future brother-in-law before he takes my sister back to Denmark where they will stay for who knows how long and I never get to see my sister again. Maybe it will be a great excuse to visit. It is pretty funny though I don't know him at all.

Congrats you two.

Check out their wedding blog here. It's cute.


elise lauren photography said...

haha thanks girl. i was thinking about blake when i wrote that.

homegrown said...

Caitlin, I totally know what you mean! Or, at least my family does. Everyone was a little stressed out when I got married. It's probably strange (and funny) to think that your sister has a deep relationship with someone you don't really know. But Paul seems really fun, and everything will be great :)
I'm excited for them!