Brand New Shoes

School is starting which means back to school shopping. 

That was always the best. To go shopping for school but not be able to wear your new classy clothes until school started. I would just sit in my room and put on my new clothes and shoes and feel so cool. I would dream about when I would be able to wear them to school and how the new year would be. 

Well this year I didn't go back to school shopping. I don't need clothes. I have a lot. I mean a lot. What I did need was new shoes. This hip replacement surgery has given me a new appreciation for treating my body better, at least my hip and my feet. So I looked up comfort shoes. Don't do it. It is a real sad sight. There are hundreds upon hundreds of ugly comfort shoes that are suppose to feel amazing on your feet yet make you look embarrassing. 

What I was able to find were these dreamy shoes. Clark Desert Boot.  They may seem too manly at first glance but this girl really pulls it off, with a little bit of confidence but mainly those tights and socks (that is a must).

So this new school year I am becoming her. This model. My Clark Desert Boots are going to become my new best friend, comforting my feet along with my hip. I will look just as cute as this girl and have fun wearing them too.

Thanks Clark Desert Boot for giving me some confidence this new school year.


Jessie Huish said...

cool! me and trev have those... mine are the light ones though.. and he has 2 different ones but COOL!!! cant wait to run into you in the hfac!!

elise lauren photography said...

Ugh I loooooove clarks. I dream about them. Everyone in the huish family has them except me and drew and for two years now i've wanted them. so glad you can live that dream for me :)

I know Toms are real trendy, but those are way comfortable. Like holy smokes have you ever tried a pair on?

Miss B. said...

I love, love, love these.

Elise said...

haha i told you they have them.

Oh It's Caitlin said...

Tehe.. Yeah. I will probably be a strong advocate of them also. And I hope I get this much response to them on campus of good old BYU.

alex aulelio shahan said...