Yellowstone, Coming Home

John Denver said it best: 

Oh, the Yellowstone, Oh the buffalo free
Oh, my brother the wolf, my lover the moon
Oh, the little one, oh, the joy that I fell
Oh, the love in my heart, a wilderness song

Oh, the waterfall, Oh the river that runs
Oh, my brother the wind, my sister the sea
Oh, the ocean shore, oh the castles of stone
Oh, the mountain top calling to me

Coming home

Returning, forever returning, coming home
Belonging, forever belonging, never alone

Oh, the mystery, Oh the dreaming of dreams
Oh, my brother my own, my sister my own
Oh, the tenderness, Oh, the longing for love
Oh, the beautiful way, the sweet coming home
Coming home

Well I came home, in a sense. 

Liz and I took a trip to the magical wonderland of Yellowstone.
(Warning: Picture overload coming up)

We saw lots of wildlife (Look at those dumbs kids getting so close)
We saw pretty colors.
We saw lots and lots of geysers!

We saw Old Faithful!
We saw so many bison on the road.
Then we started getting crazy. I mean come on, two girls alone in the wilderness. Of course we started to get a little weird.
We saw waterfalls
Tried on so much childrens hats and outfits
We drove all around towns
Liz got this shirt! It's pretty awesome.
"May the Forest By With You"
Yellowstone National Park that way!
Thanks for the good times!


Jess said...

that looked like sooo much fun.. i totally want to go to yellowstone now! maybe next summer! i love reading your blog!

Oh It's Caitlin said...

I should be better at it

Pearl said...

I want to go here! It looked like fun.