Google+ deleted all my photos from what I posted on this blog and my families blog... Now I am spending hours doing the long process of trying to retrace my steps and bringing this blog back to life. Yeah I'm a little bit sick inside. 
Maybe I shouldn't care, it's just a blog, and I know I am not a great blogger, but these are my memories and I am crushed that they will never fully be the same.  I might just have to delete some posts that I have done because I won't remember what I actually posted.

This is my lessoned learned and it should be for you too.
Don't play with Google+. Don't even accept it when you get that special invitation. It isn't even that cool. Who needs circles anyways? 
You might just end up like me and getting all your photos deleted from your blogs. Sad sad day.


Michael said...

you should email them. i bet they could restore them in a jiffy.

Jess said...


Jenna Robert said...

Yikes! I hate that, thanks for the forewarning.

Miss B. said...

oh boo! I'm sorry snooks. don't know how that happened