Art Trip: Day 1

Follow the Mormon pioneer trail and the feelings that came are overwhelming. The sense of gathering is so apparent in their stories. So we, a small art group, gathered just like the pioneers so we can understand their hardest choices. Those types of choices where once a decision is made, life will never and can never be the same. 

It was a truly inspired trip and I felt privileged to be able to be apart of it all.

This was the first place we set camp at. Lander, WY. Well Lander isn't a Mormon hotspot, the day was filled with shooting some videos of the Mormon trail at South Pass. This is the exact spot where the Pioneers chose to continue onto Utah instead of Oregon. In the dirt the deep ditches where their wagons passed are still very visible. 

Later on that day we took a little hike in hopes to find some pioneer graves that haven't been seen in years. Their graves are barely marked with no other indication of where they are placed. The only thing that stands is a small fence around them. Even with all our eyes we couldn't find them. 
We did however find the California trail. 

These were taken in the small town of Lander, WY. They had great signs, great buildings even but it was like a ghost town. Nothing seemed to be open except for the local bar and of course Dairy Land Drive In.

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amanda jane said...

i love love LOVE these polaroids.