Royal Souvenirs for a Royal Wedding

I mean you probably haven't heard or anything but this guy 
and that girl are getting married. I mean, it's no big thing. 

But wait, lets reflect back on my sister Brittany's lifetime crush. Who might it be? Yeah... you might have guess it... mister Prince himself. 
She had it in her mind she was going to marry him.
Don't worry though, my sister isn't bitter. No not at all. 
She is taking this event and running with it.
My sister got creative and decided this Royal Wedding needed some amazingly well-designed souvenirs.
There are tote bags, keychains, mugs, commemorative plates all celebrating the wedding of the year. 
So go to her > Etsy shop < and start pre-ordering yours today. 


Sean said...

You just barely beat me!

Anonymous said...

Those dessert plates are actually pretty rad. I was going to marry him too. :(