Best April Fools Joke Ever.... Not

April 1st a.k.a. April Fools.
We had it all planned out.
Dreamlike adventures were about to take place.
Car loaded. Hearts ready. 

The day started out with great photos

(as in two great photos)

Oh wait.... whats this?

Dang it. Filling out paper work because why...?
That's right. We got in a car accident.
No injurys... well to humans but to poor baby hawkeye, I think it's somewhere flying high.
Dumb firefighter, making fun of poor Brette.
"Don't rear end the back of our truck," (Jerk. You don't say that to someone who just ran into a car).
First time in the back of a cop car.
Hopefully the last.
Waiting at Maverick to get picked up by Brette's dad.

Though our spirits were down we had to progress with our plan... in a new location that is.
So here's to you April Fools Day. You thought you got us, and we were pretty sure you did as well but nothing, NO nothing can stop us!

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