This is Halloween, This is...

How was my Halloween you might ask? 
Well this is how it went:

At the end of September I had a Halloween decorating party. It needed to happen to get my in the mood for a great month to come. My house soon was engulfed with monsters, skulls, spooky trees, ghosts, wolves, wizard owls, bats, gravestones, zombie carrots (I know so scary right? You won't get it) and spiderwebs with spiders of course. 

Then the glorious month of October came and I could not wait to go to a pumpkin patch, so I gathered my little gang and headed out for the perfect patch. We really didn't find it but we came to a pretty good one. 
I was determined to get some adventure in my life so I made it a goal to do some Halloween adventure things this year. This list of amazing adventures includes going to a spooky church, a pumpkin patch dance in the middle of the night, dreaming of going to the Logan nunnery, watching Halloween movies (no gory ones please) and going through the haunted apple grove (I think I did more than that... I don't remember it all).

To keep the magical energy alive, my house held a Halloween party. It was on that Wednesday before the big holiday. We ate delicious treats, watched Halloween specials from our favorite TVs that we grew up on, and chatted to dear friends. Freaks and Geeks has such a good halloween special.

Friday the 29th was the day that I needed to make my costume. I was being Carmen Miranda. You know the real life Chiquita Banana lady. I bought fake fruit at Savers and found a big cone of styrofoam and made sure I had plenty of hot glue. It took me maybe 3 hours but the end results of my fruit hat was pretty amazing. I thought about bringing it to school on Monday because I was having an art critique and saying yes this is the art I did this weekend, but I didn't.
(A rocket. Isn't that the cutest costume)

Heidi's house party was that night and was such a perfect Halloween party. Great food and friends and costumes, Joseph Smith even showed up.

On Saturday my friends were having an outrageous dance party. I went and was having way too much trouble trying to dance with my fruit hat. I ended up having people hold it while I danced. Problem solved. 

Sunday, Halloween, I took a drive up the canyon with some friends and read a little out of a Ray Bradbury book because it fit so well with the mood. Then watched Freaks and Geeks Halloween special again (because it is that good) and then Hocus Pocus (duh). 

October is gone now but I have such great memories of Halloween. I got into Halloween this year and I never really have and it was so worth it. 

So that is how my Halloween was. Beat that.


Miss B. said...

I can't beat that. You win. I'm so proud of you . and so proud that you wrote about it.

Oh It's Caitlin said...

I'm not a writer I know but I though it should be shared.

alex aulelio shahan said...