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I chose to do a blog on my ancestor Patty Bartlett Sessions for my D&C class I am in. Our project was to do a creative project. Anything you wanted to do just needed to be a part of the D&C. I felt like Patty Sessions applied.

 She was a midwife who did a great deal in our church history with her journal writings. She was a prevalent early member of the church and wrote much about the events happening to the church. Patty Sessions’s foremost legacy came through her role as a midwife. Her skill in delivering babies became critical to the well being of fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Patty was a compulsive record keeper, having over 20 years of daily-recorded diaries. These diaries recorded the daily activities of the Latter Day Saints during the first year of the Mormon migration to Utah, and the earliest days of their settlement there. These diaries document the physical, social, and religious circumstances of the settlers, especially of the women. Her records are also a primary source of birth records in the LDS community during this period.

Reading these journals and other write ups about my ancestor Patty Sessions, I couldn’t help but do something about this amazing woman. She is truly a leader and someone that we should strive to become. She was diligent in the church, putting it first and having faith in its powers. She loved to serve her community, she organized a school called the Patty Sessions Academy, she was one of the first members of the Relief Society and she was a prominent member in society. Along with her other callings within the church and community she served as a midwife till she was 85 years old. She delivered nearly 4,000 babies throughout her life. 

Read more about Patty here at the Blog:

Most resources came from the book compiled of her journals.


Elise said...

um this is the coolest thing ever. i am all about journal keeping and i LOVE reading other people's, especially my own ancestors. it's truly amazing and sends shivers down my back just reading them. bravo!

Miss B. said...

cait! what a great idea. I love this!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

Hey Caitlin! I'm glad I found your blog. Oh yum.