How about I show you some watercolors I did last year... it might be long overdue.

These three are sketches I did of places around BYU
This one is from a set I did from a take on airplane survival pamphlets 
(so incase your plane goes down in the middle of the ocean you can pump up all these balloons and float to safety)
This two were from a set of places I have never been to:

There are more!! Go to my art blog >>here<<


ItismeMo said...

Caitlin you are such a talented artist! I love each of these paints especially the ones of places you have never been to. I love reading your blog posts. Hope you are doing well!!

Mr. Paul said...

My favorite is the red (I think it is the walkway if my BYU campus recollection doesn't fail me) overpass. I would hang that on my wall any day - especially a wednesday.

homegrown said...

OOO, these are beautiful. I love them!