Summer blues

I am practically bed ridden for a month or two.
I am already running out of ideas to do.
Maybe I'll take this one up only if someone would make it for me.

Mark says I should play Super Metroid.
That is more of male thing to do.
He also bought me the book Twilight.
I guess I am not much of a reader so that is what he thought I might like.
I could watch movies.
Maybe catch up on TV shows.
Stalk facebook.
Make decorations for my sisters wedding.

All I really want to do is play outside, running around, and enjoying the summer sun.
When can I do that again?


Casey said...

Um, hello!!!!! Don't think I'm a creep b/c I totally stalked you to get here, but who cares, right??

I'm so sorry to hear about your hip replacement. Geez, are you 80 years old or what?? :)

So I totally miss you, but I might be heading to UT soon. We need to catch up. LOVE YOUR FACE!!!!

Oh It's Caitlin said...

please!!! i miss you so much casey