A Hip Party

Mark made an event for me for my going away. It's tonight.

"As you may have noticed in the past year Caitlin has been walking with a limp. Turns out this wasn't a hip hop lifestyle choice. Long story short our favorite valley girl is getting a hip replacement in a few weeks. She is leaving tuesday and will be gone for the summer as she rehabilitates her long slender legs at home in the OC.

Anyway, she wants to see all her dear friends before she gets cut open. Come pay your respects at a hip party complete with snacks, games (such as: pin the femur in the hip), hipsters, and possibly live music. It'll be the best FHE (Friendly Hip Evening) ever!"

All are invited. It's not a big thing. But if you feel inclined to come. It's tonight at my house at 8.

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Jane said...

what a fun party! and a great, creative husband to plan it! Can't believe you're getting a new hip!!!! GOOD luck!!!! Rest easy.