Tin-snips + a thumb = What?

Yesterday, I woke up at 7:20 am, went to my 3.D. Design class and went busily to work on my final project. The assignment can either be making a knife, in which I reluctantly didn't not pick, or jewelry, in which I happily did pick. I started with a copper plate. Drew a quicky design on it, picked up some tin-snips and started cutting away my design. The combination between a metal plate and very dull tin-snips made me press really hard, even using both hands at times on the tin-snips to try and even cut the darn plate. But I did, I cut my design out and said in my head "I'm never doing that again". Yet I had too. I had to do the other side of my design. So I had to repeat the same thing. Struggling with the dull, very dull, extremely dull tin-snips. The other was cut out. I knew my thumb was hurting because I was of all the pressure on it but only after did I realize my thumb was numb. So my attempts for getting it back to normal was, shaking it, rubbing it, swirling it around, and more shaking. But it wasn't letting up. Numb, well more tingling, and very annoying. An hour passed, still numb, two more came and went. Numb, numb, NUMB! I was worried. All these thoughts of people pinching nerves off and never again feeling some sort of limb. Yeah, "I won't have feeling in my thumb ever again, never in my life." "I need my thumb." "How can I do art without my thumb. I can't." "I won't be able to do art." I got mad. I looked at my piece of jewelry I was doing and thought it didn't even look good, I didn't deserve to loose my thumbs feeling to this piece of work. (Oh it's 11:11 right now, make a wish (please let me have my feeling back in my thumb)) I was getting so mad I had to leave class. I went home. Checked out online about fingers going numb and google come up with al these websites saying that you might have carpal tunnel disease. Oh I got more scared. So I called my mom, and she said to just go to the student health center. Now this place is pretty much home. I don't know how many times I went there for kidneys stones, or a swollen throat or hip talking sadness. I didn't really want to go it. "Um hey, I am here because I have a numb thumb." But I was scared so I had to. I yeah, I said just that when I went in there, and I smirked a little bit, and perhaps the girl at the front counter didn't believe me. They still let me through to see the doctor. He walked in, asked if I were using scissors, and I said yes, well tin-snips, but pretty much scissors. He took my thumb, asked if where it was thumb, made me put pressure on his fingers, and 30 seconds later says I have a bruised nerve and it will get better in 2 days to week. Yeah, I was a little embarrassed but now this is a good example for anyone using scissors for a long period of time, or pressing really hard on them, that you might bruise your nerve, and your thumb might go numb, and you might be scared like me, and you might think you will never have feeling in that thumb ever again but it will come back to you, because your nerves really do like you and likes to have feeling. And what can I say, I really like my nerves, and I like my feelings too. My feeling will come back soon. I sure do miss it though.
Oh feeling, where'd ya go?
Maybe you want to come out and play
(Yeah, that sounded a little creepy, but you kinda get creepy when you have a NUMB THUMB)


miss b said...

Cait, how did I miss this? I was just caught laughing. A lot. Please write more.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the blog. I've got the numb thumb now for 2 weeks. Nice to know it will get better.

makingtide said...

Did the feeling ever come back, or do you now exist withan apparently disembodied thumb?

Anonymous said...

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